About Us

Success Academies are free, public elementary schools founded on a simple premise: Every child deserves a high-quality, free public education.

Our mission is two-fold. First, we serve our scholars by preparing them to succeed at a selective college and in life. Second, we strive to reform the public school system in ways that will help every child access a world-class education.

Children enter our schools through a random lottery – but after walking through our doors, nothing is left to chance. We recruit the best teachers from around the country. We set rigorous academic goals. And because we formally assess scholar progress every 8 weeks, those who need extra help are quickly connected with one-on-one or small group tutoring.

Our scholars expect to love each school day. Starting in Kindergarten, we offer science – with an emphasis on hands-on discovery – five days a week. That accompanies our innovative instruction in reading, writing, and math. We take care to educate the whole child, igniting creativity through chess, dance and sports. Family soccer tournaments on weekends and family academic events throughout the year broaden and energize our community.

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For more information, visit our new website www.successacademies.org